Although we are both bearish, Mark Fisher, of MBF Asset Management has a dramatically different fundamental view of the world:

Source: CNBC


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  • don

    The inflation bear assertion of commodity price inflation – here specifically energy and grains – due to money printing, isn’t clear to me. For energy and grain prices to rise in the face of a declining economy assumes that these price increases will occur – at least for energy – in the face of declining demand. I assume that said price increases could only occur in the face of declining demand if shortages of energy and grains were to develop, exceeding the decline in demand. Also, the speaker talks of higher interest rates. Higher interest rates would heighten economic decline and reduce demand even more.

    Furthermore, the notion that traders will move away from paper assets – going into energy and grains, seems a bit odd. Would possession of energy and grains assets not also be in paper, unless they were hoarding those assets in storage in the backyard?

  • Patrick

    With no disrespect intended, he’s pimping his book looking for volume. I say that while posting the historic record of bubbles burst. Aside from the Wiemar Republic all post bubbles are deflationary. It is the nature of post mortems as regards cheap money and debt.

    But it’s a crazy world with mad Keynesian’s at the helm so I suppose billion dollar D-Marks are always possible again. Mugabe is available for consultations–the boy knows how to print.

  • Michael

    It’s all a matter of your time horizon. The inflation will come and it will be a reset.