Bloomberg Surveillance Appearance

Just a quick note here.  I’ll be on Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene tomorrow morning at 6:30AM EST. I’ll be on til the top of the hour so hopefully we’ll get to touch on some MR material, market thoughts and other interesting topics .  Tune in here or wait for me to post it if you care.


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Cullen Roche

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  • GLG34

    It’s about time some of these media outlets started getting interesting people on! Congrats Cullen.

  • Joe in Accounting

    Good for you Cullen. Finally a reason to open up my Bloomberg radio plus app.

  • Not an Economist

    Congrats, enjoy yourself. Please post a link…3:30 am PST is too early for me to join live.



  • Tom Brown

    Yeah really! This is great Cullen. Way to go!

  • Joe in Accounting

    Bloomberg radio plus app has an on demand feature

  • BHB

    Well deserved Cullen! Congrats.

  • bb


  • Tom Brown