The latest Rosenberg note goes to great lengths to break-down the current economic malaise and the market’s recent swoon.  It’s conclusion is short and sweet though.  Rosie provides investors with 8 of “the most appropriate strategies” given the ailing markets:

  • Hedge funds
  • Dividend Strategies
  • Long oil, gold, raw food
  • Reduce base metal exposures
  • Short the Euro
  • Defensive sectors
  • Low levels of leverage/risk
  • Focus on quality and liquidity.

Source: Gluskin Sheff


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  1. Long oil? Cullen I remember you stating that commodity prices were the biggest beneficiary of QE2 and since QE3 don’t look probably at this point (not to mention EM slowdown) I can’t believe oil is on this list. Do you agree with this one?

  2. I’ve been pretty vocal about the risks in all commodities at this point….Nothing will be spared in a global slowdown except maybe gold prices….

  3. long oil…? Rosie is completely out of his mind. If anything he is a good contrarian indicator.
    Shorting oil seems to me a good strategy at this point.
    A look at a long term oil chart tell me that oil is going below $50 very soon.

  4. “Nothing will be spared in a global slowdown except maybe gold prices….”

    yeah, gold seems to be resisting decline. why is that? low interest rates?

  5. Rosenberg was right in 2008 and he conducts great research. He missed the power of QE II but his views might evenutally be right if and when the massive stimulas is removed.

  6. Long oil isn’t about QE2, it’s largely political. An economic slowdown could correlate with ME unrest, especially given the recent situation in Israel. Missiles could really fly easily by September

  7. ryan is right….increasing ME tension(or worse) holds oil up.

    gold might only dip enough for a buying oppurtunity, then with more fed easing/supplementing its off to the races.