Laszlo Birinyi of Birinyi Associates says the S&P 500 is going to be at 2,800 by 2013. He says he is “very comfortable being bullish”. Biriyni uses the average length and strength of past bull markets to arrive at his 2,800 figure.

Source: CNBC


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  • marcelo lopez

    HE is impressed!! so was I in the last equity bubble that we know how ended. Fundamentals sucks, this guy is another clown. In this ciclycal bull market every body think is a genouis, lets see them in a couple of months.

  • alex

    That’s ridiculous. Imagine what the indicators in this thread would read if the S&P were to really reach 2800…

    What this guy seems to be forcasting is a bubble bigger than all previous ones combined!

  • Joe

    S&P won’t go as high as his voice

  • Anando

    what is ur as reported eps estimate for 2011 on S&P.. what multiple are u willing to accord that estimate

  • Anando

    never say never in trading

  • Huckleberry

    That’s right. And we’ve been on the Moon since the Fifties…

  • kayman

    never say never in trading – thats a good one.

    Just looked at AAPL chart over the past 4 years, the thing is going parabolic just when all the iphone killers are coming on the mkt. Without it nasdaq would not be where it is today. So with new iphone, icars , ipads, a space ship -sure we can do it. It depends on the level of tech innovation.

    But I’m not sure how he figures govt spending into all of this as the race to tackle the deficit is going to cut off a huge contributor to the economy. and the commodity runup – has he factored that in..

    so go figure

  • Clown Slayer.

    1:44 into the clip he sounded like my dog. Litterally.

  • B Ferro

    There is precedence for his “more likely” scenario of 2,100 on the SPX.

    In 86/87 and 98/99 the SPX spent some time at ~50% above its 40 month moving average.

    Assuming +40 SPX points per month into April 2012, a little faster than he suggests, the SPX would be at 2,000+ and would be registering +50%+ above its 40 month moving average.

  • quark

    He was right in calling the bull early in this up leg and staying bullish.

  • RA

    He’s going to be more right than wrong. I’d say his worst case is about on target.

    A 1% downturn is a correction in this market. You buy stocks because stocks go up. Stocks are going up. As they keep going up, more people are going to buy and he was probably describing most of the people on this board when he referred to people realizing that stocks were not going to come back down so they will get on board. The economy will gradually improve which will only validate the premise.

    The Fed is going to keep one foot on the floor and one on the gas semi-permanently because the stock market is the economy in this century. We need low rates to keep the helium in the balloon. We aren’t going to have the economy to force rates higher so it has to be created artifically. Call shotgun and go along for the ride!!!

  • Ilya

    The guy just calls the repeat of 1999-2000 type valuations. Insane but totally achievable. Happened before

  • Jonnyblaze

    hahahahaha you just made my day. thanks for that

  • quark

    Your space is getting crowded.

  • Gerald P

    Just remember to get out when you are well ahead. Do not be greedy.

  • yourejammingmeup

    is this man a eunuch?

  • Reilly

    WTF is wrong with his voice?

    Look at the past and make linear-like prediction. That’s the essence of the equity market profession