Lessons From 2012….

Josh Brown has compiled a great list of lessons from 2012.  Mine will sound familiar:

Cullen Roche (Pragmatic Capitalism): in the face of fiscal cliffs, apocalyptic predictions and a persistent financial crisis, 2012 proved (once again) that measured optimism will always defeat persistent pessimism.

I’ve made a real concerted effort over the years when writing this site to always provide my actual unbiased opinion (whether optimistic, pessimistic or totally unpopular).  I knew from the second I started this website that it would be a lot more popular if I wrote about gold, Apple, and the end of the world every day.  But I’ve sacrificed quantity for (an attempt at) quality.  I don’t always get it right, but I wish it was a perspective that was more broadly adopted by writers and analysts in the financial space.  I presume that’s too much to ask when it’s quantity that rules the internet dollars.  As a supposed capitalist you’d think I’d have sold out sooner….

See the full list from Josh here.


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Cullen Roche

Mr. Roche is the Founder of Orcam Financial Group, LLC. Orcam is a financial services firm offering research, private advisory, institutional consulting and educational services.

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  • whatisgoingon

    I do wish when you posted opinion pieces you would indicate if you agree or disagree. Sometimes I get confused by opposing pieces.

  • Johnny Evers

    Neville Chamberlin was an optimist; Churchill was a pessimist, er … realist.

    There is nothing intrinsically right about being either optimistic or pessimistic, although optimists are ‘right’ most years in the markets, because they go up.

  • barak

    my favorite:
    “Amy Resnick (Pensions & Investments): an old one but a good one – if pro is the opposite of con, it seems progress is the opposite of Congress.”

  • Gary_UK

    But you’re sell-side, you make your living from optimistically pumping the services you provide.

    I prefer to do the job honestly with my own clients, but we are all different.

    As I’ve mentioned many times, you will be blind sided by your lack of knowledge on monetary evolution.

  • http://www.orcamgroup.com Cullen Roche

    Sell side? I’ve been buy side my whole career. Orcam isn’t buy side…yet. That’s only due to the regulatory hurdles. When I am running money again I’ll be no side. :-)

  • Sam A

    I would say you are a realist, which is what we need more of in this day of 24/7 nonsense!

  • Alberto

    I don’t want to read about gold or Apple or other related things. There are thousands of financial noise generators around, so keep on going about the arguments you’re really competent about. It’s quite obvious you are not good at all about energy related args but it’s not your job and there are excellent information sources about elsewhere. So, Pragcap is in my best info list with the many others necessary to have a 360 degrees panorama of this increasingly complex and unstable planet.

  • Giuseppe

    ….not for the greek private bondholders (and the officia creditorsl, i fear)
    In general i would say that “always” is a bit excessive. “Often” fits more in my view