The usual suspects don’t appear to be healing in Europe.  CDS spreads continue to widen throughout much of Europe despite the Herculean measures taken on by the ECB.   As we mentioned last week, things appear to be getting worse in many countries across the region….Will the markets continue to sit by idly as it appears increasingly obvious that the austerity measures are not the quick fix everyone assumed them to be?  Or is this just a shot across the bow?

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  • Willy2

    Anyone who thinks that austerity measures will solve anything should have his/her head examined. It’s merely a recognition that piling on more debt is going to solve nothing either.

  • Willy2

    Increasing CDS prices/rates: Look at the EUR/USD rate !

  • JH

    Austerity will help in the long run, but it is not a course which will show immediate results. It is definitely preferable to unrestrained irresponsible government spending. I wish our government had the long term outlook to exercise a little austerity itself.

  • billw

    Oh, well their $500 billion got them a four month respite, now back to the downward plunge. Who is going to default first, and then how long before the next sovereign to default? Or will the EU throw away another $500 billion for another four month break from the onslaught?