The AAR‘s latest report on rail traffic continues to show positive signs of economic activity.  They reported U.S. railroads originated 288,495 carloads during the week ended April 10th.  This was 16.4% higher compared to 2009.  Intermodal traffic also posted strong gains with 14.2% increases over 2009, but a 10.5% decline versus 2008.  The strength in the data was very broad as all 19 commodity groups posted gains:

“Among the 19 carload commodity groups, particularly strong gains were reported in shipments of metals (108.6 percent); metallic ores (97.6 percent); primary forest products (54.4 percent); scrap (54 percent); motor vehicles (35.5 percent), and chemicals (26 percent).”

Source: AAR


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  • sdefazio

    All the things that are headed for China via ships. Well, except autos, but last year every car lot already had 100% more cars than they needed, and dealers were being closed left and right so it’s 35% increase of a very small number.