Super Bull Versus Super Bear(s)

Interesting views here from some well known names:


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  • Sigi

    Faber is starting to sound like a broken record. Boring.

  • AWF

    Coca Cola outlook is mind numbing for the bull
    How about those china numbers?

  • hangemhi

    To me the question is…. are the inflows into equity funds just the beginning, or an extreme bullish sentiment that shows the suckers buying the last bit of a top. I’m personally siding with the former. There is so much money on the sidelines, with so many people rooting for a pull back, so that for the market to cause the most paid it must keep going up. So…. sell in May and go away, which of course is sell in April since everyone knows about May, but that means another 10% and possibly 20% from here or 1650 to 1800 on the S&P. Then we get the pull back. To make the above prediction work all we need is a positive upside surprise from the sequestration debate. At the top we then get Q1 results which are disappointing due to the Q1 FICA tax increase and higher gasoline prices.

    There, now that I’ve said all that the market can correct tomorrow. You’re welcome bears.

  • InvestorX

    Funny that Ray Dalio became bullish now. Although I think his Davos interview is a bit misinterpreted. I think he meant 2013 will be a transition year where “cash moves into” risky or real assets and then the Fed stops monetizing and risky assets sell off. He said in an earlier interview that he expected the compressed liquidity premium across all assets to widen at the end of 2013. So probably he is bullish for the last hurray. But he totally missed the move in 2012, so he is chasing the departed train now.

    Risk assets are moving up mainly because “risk is dead” and “this time is different because of QEn” – not very healthy.

  • George H

    I think BridgeWater’s 2012 performance is pretty good. It made money on mortgages, not equity.

    Hate to be on the other side of Dalio.

  • JP Ziller