This week’s Big Interview from the WSJ was with David Rosenberg.  Mr. Rosenberg is very bearish still and believes the recession never really ended.  He says the economy could begin officially contracting as soon as Q4. His forecast is not very rosy so if you’re looking for a good weekend you might want to move along:


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  • billw

    It was nice to be able to hear more than a one minute snapshot like we get on tout TV. And for those who have not noticed yet, it appears that Dave will be in the majority opinion position soon. What with GS coming out forecasting a downturn in equities, the Fed basically admitting that we are in a slowdown/downturn and PIMCO talking about a slowdown. Thanks.

  • Rich

    Rosie and Shilling both defrocked by MER for not being bullish enough, and look where MER is now…

  • Rich

    Three common sense economic solutions:
    A) Advance to Constitutional government.
    B) Replace 1913 Fed Politics with a constant money supply.
    C) Replace 1913 Special Interest IRS and double-taxed regressive payroll taxes with the uniform transparent 28 basis point (.0028) transaction tax.

  • GB

    His dow market call of 9000 in one year seems to contradict his interview. S&P selling $95 now DR say’s fair value is $60-65 thats about 68% decline would put the dow at about 7000 ish.

  • Marianne O

    ?? Going from $95 to $60-$65 is a drop of approx. 31-37% by my calculations.