By Walter Kurtz, Sober Look

There is no shortage these days of mainstream media misinterpreting current financial and economic events. The Fed’s action today in fact created just such a misunderstanding.

Forbes: Wednesday’s Fed pledge to keep rates low for even longer helped perk up a stagnant market. About forty minutes after the statement and just over an hour to the Bernanke presser, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 36 …

In fact there is no “pledge” from the Fed, and Bernanke made that point quite clear in his news conference. This is what was actually in the Fed’s statement:

Fed Statement: …the Committee decided today to keep the target range for the federal funds rate at 0 to 1/4 percent and currently anticipates that economic conditions–including low rates of resource utilization and a subdued outlook for inflation over the medium run–are likely to warrantexceptionally low levels for the federal funds rate at least through late 2014.

The FOMC survey indicates that the Committee members on average think that rates will stay low in 2014 because of slow economic growth. But the members are somewhat divided on that view as the scatter plot below shows. This is the Fed’s forecast, which provides guidance for rates going forward and not any sort of commitment or a “pledge”.

Target Federal Funds Rate at Year-End- FOMC survey (source: the Fed)


Here are the averages of the FOMC projections based on the scatter plot above.

Source: Capital Economics


There is no indication from this forecast that the Fed is absolutely committed to keep the target rate at 0-25bp through 2014.

* Walter Kurtz is a credit specialist at a NYC based hedge fund.


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  • jswede

    can’t take it so literally — they are jsut trying to use a forecast as an additional easing tool. bc they are pretty much out of tools.

    Saying they will not raise rates until 2014 is tantamount to saying “we will not incorporate new data into our forecasts and decisions for nearly 3 years” – obviously silly.

    this said, I personally feel it will stay <0.25% for longer than their (current) forecast.

  • http://. Octavio Richetta

    Take a look at my last comment here:

    BB was VERY CLEAR on what he intends to do. 0% rates which will be maintained even if inflation shows its ugly head if unemployment stays high. What else do we need to hear?

  • Don M

    Gentlemen, read exactly what was said by Bernake. He promised nothing and was only speculating that future conditions would likely warrant a low interest rate environment. W Kurtz is pointing this fact out quite clearly. It is mystery how the press, or anyone else, could construe the Brenake’s comments as some sort of promise. If the economy picks up dramatically and inflation busts out(and it will), you just watch how fast the rates will rise!

  • Junkie

    Walter – Does the latest Fed statement in any way change the views expressed in your recent post about UST yields being likely to rise in 2012?