We’ve compiled many of the very best outlooks from various analysts, gurus, hedge funds and investors.   We hope you find the list helpful in mapping your successful 2010:

Wall Street Banks

Hedge Funds & Investment Gurus

Actionable Ideas, Alternative Assets & Potential Potholes

The Outlook Abroad


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    I get the sense that 2010 is likely to be a watershed year for investment markets unless there are some sustainable changes in the unemployment outlook. Alternatively there has to be a shift in the economy toward smaller, more entrepreneurial businesses again.

  • Grand Supercycle

    DOW/SP500 daily charts continue to show signs of being overbought.
    But the weekly chart is bullish/neutral – ie a moderate uptrend.

    Keep in mind that trends with longer time frames have more influence over trends with smaller time frames.

    The bear market rally from March 2009 will not end until the weekly chart turns down.

    The very choppy USD Index daily chart is now bearish but it’s weekly chart continues to give bullish warnings.

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