The Unemployment Rate Increased in Zero States in November

By Nick, Floating Path

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that zero states saw increased unemployment rates in November. 45 states and the District of Columbia experienced decreasing unemployment rates, while 5 states had no change.

As reported previously in the employment situation report, the national unemployment rate in November was 7.7%.

Puerto Rico continues to hold the highest unemployment rate at 13.8% followed by Nevada at 10.8%.

North Dakota had the lowest unemployment rate at 3.1% followed by Nebraska at 3.7%.



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  • Lukey

    I wonder how many states had positive net increases in employment (i.e. jobs). A focus on the unemployment rate in our current environment provides a rather less valuable insight on the economy than it traditionally has. The “jobless” rates keep declining but overall employment has pretty much stagnated despite an increasing population. It is pretty difficult to paint a prosperous economic picture based on an ever decreasing labor force participation rate.

  • Cowpoke

    Here Lukey:
    Tons of info there, click around, hope that helps. :)

  • Andrea Malagoli

    To be quietly revised higher next week …

  • bart

    There’s quite a difference between part time and full time employment, and the part time percentage of total employment is not exactly in a free fall.

    We also have a giant jump in government unemployment – from 20.66mm in Aug 2012 to 22.44 as of the most recent reports.

  • Felix Lee

    It’s good to know the unemployment rates have been decreasing a bit. But unemployment is still a problem. I’m hoping the situation will get better in the new year.

  • Andrea Malagoli

    Are we supposed to read this as an “optimistic” sign?